Puppy classes on Monday and Friday

Our regular Puppy classes are on monday evenings and you can join with your young puppy as soon as 10 days after the second vaccination.

Classes go over 8 weeks and you need to register with the trainer to confirm your spot. Places are limited!

Please check our calendar to find out about the next start of a new class.

Please contact Anja to register for any of the Puppy classes to avoid disappointment! email: puppies @ windhoekdogclub.com

If the Monday classes are full, we might offer additional puppy classes on Fridays.

The focus lays on socializing and playing, motivation, trustbuilding and bonding between dog and owner, basics like sit, down, come, walking on a loose leash.


The Puppy training starts with Supervised Socialization at 17h30 where the young dogs are mingling and learn not to play too rough with each other but also experiencing how other dog breeds are behaving. This is essentially important for encounters with other dogs and people later in life.

Many long lasting friendships not only between dogs but also between people have been starting here!

Experienced trainers are available to ensure the playing is not getting out of control, to respond to your questions and to assist with whatever comes up.

Basic obedience like sit, down and stay as well as walking on a loose leash and coming when called are teached. But also basic agility like walking through a tunnel or over a plank and fun games are part of the training.  

For questions and to register for the puppy training (no more than 12 puppies will be accepted in one class, only at the first and second Monday of each class, new dogs will be accepted) please send an email to puppies @ windhoekdogclub.com

If your puppy reaches the best age for socialization and there are still some weeks before the next class starts, you and your puppy can join for the socialization part. When the training starts, you are welcome to follow the class from the clubhouse area, that means you do not participate but you can listen to the explanations and try it out with your puppy at home.